How can I remove an assigned app from client

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Dear all,

is there any way to remove an accidently assigned app from one or several clients?


Recently, I assigned a package to the wrong group of clients and the job failed on most of them. This small inattention results in many clients with status "Error" in the overview section of the app. This is not a that big deal, but you have to remember that fact when monitoring the deployment.


I could create a new group with these clients as member and put that to "Uninstall" to remove the app, but maybe there is a better way to remove the assignment, which I didn't found, yet.


What do you think?


Kind regards,



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Create a group for the clients who were not supposed to get the software and where it was installed, and use that as an uninstall on the package. When that's done, please create a new package for the group that it was assigned to before and remove the old package (and the installation history)
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