How can I deploy an app with custom selections?

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When manually going through the installer, some apps will need certain options selected/de-selected. How can I do that through Intune's app deployment? I am only familiar with pushing out the apps with the default options (package the app and deploy with run command). 

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There are several ways to do this, and it depends on the app vendor and the type of app.


MSI files are the easiest to work with and usually there are standard options to make it silent like /q. The vendor may provide additional command line switches for the app like EnableUpdates=True which you can provide as augments to the installer. Or the app might generate an MST file which captures the selections.


If it's a more complicated EXE file, you may need to use some batch files or script commands. Either way, you may have to investigate the app or check with the vendor to find what options they support. See these links for examples of deployments with Intune:


Intune MSI Application Deployment 

Best Guide Intune Win32 App Deployment | Endpoint Manager 


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There are different ways to push MSI or EXE, deployment for apps that need username or password etc. What are you looking to push specifically?


Here is an example of pushing MSI that needs Tenant id and Token: