How can I de-duplicate systems in Intune

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Any ideas?



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What systems do you want to de-deduplicate? Android/iOS/Windows? If you have old devices that are still present but haven't been active for a long period, you could use Device Clean-up Rules.
Windows 10 devices.
I have device (security) group in Intune\MEM, I'm seeing same machine listed multiple times when I click the group.
I'm already using the steps which is included in link which you have provided, but it deletes systems beyond 90 days.
And those are from the same machine/primary user?
same machine will have 2 entries, under UPN you can see user and system account listed.
Could you share a screenshot, user and system account is often something that you see in a configuration profile status
Are your machines hybrid? I've noticed that hybrid devices sometimes appear in Azure AD twice, eventually the record should merge though AFAIK.
yes, we are in hybrid environment.
Thats totally true but when looking at one of the responses of Sohel he is talking about he could notice a user and system account listed. That behavior is seen at device configuration profiles...
We are having the same issue. Sometimes there are 4 or 5 duplicate devices for the same user. We are not hybrid.

 @Solu I see this is somewhat dated post but for people visiting this forum in the future. If your in a hybrid environment you can visit Azure AD and under devices, search for the named device. This should populate the duplicated. You can delete the ones that have an older activity date.