Groups and Application Assignments

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If I look at an Application "Apps > [AppName] > Properties", I can see under "Assignments" the Group that it is assigned to. If I look at that Group "Groups > [GroupName] > Applcations" it says "No application assignments found". Am I making a wrong assumption here? Shouldn't these match? The assignment works and the app installs, but the records don't make sense to me.

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I am seeing the same thing, with no difference between "Available" apps and "Required" apps.
No apps are shown in the group.

I don't know if the group you have contains users or devices, but in my case it is only users.
Maybe this is where the problem is?

I use a fairly long PS script to check the groups for me though, with the output of all assigned Apps, Config profiles, Scripts and administrative templates.

@Thermidor2 I have attached the script if want to use it.