Group Policy analytics and MDM support

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I've run this tool to analyze the GPO for a client of mine.

In the results, I can see that for some settings, the MDM support value can vary from "Yes" to "No" to "Deprecated" to "Migrate to Office 2016". 

What does Migrate to Office 2016 mean? Does it mean that we must move to Office 2016 to have the feature supported?

Thanks for helping me clarify this point.



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I guess that (not checked) office 2013 templates are just not possible to be configured... so their advice is move to office 2016 ?
The thing is they have Office 2016 already...
Hi, I think the term "Migrate to Office 2016" is very misleading.
What I think it means to say is for Office policies use the separate Office policy section of Intune.
Apps > Policy > Policies for Office apps