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Graph deviceManagement/reports/exportJobs not working for EncryptionStatus report

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I am trying to use Graph deviceManagement reports API to query the Intune EncryptionStatus report but i get error "PostExportJobAsync not supported for reportType Unknown".

Is there another way to get these reports without the GUI?





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Yes, that example is querying the Devices report which I am already familiar with.
@IkOnOs1215 was your suggestion directly related to the EncryptionStatus report or specific to the error "PostExportJobAsync not supported for reportType Unknown"?


On the DevicesWithInventory report you have the parameters to see the encryption status and TPM but I don't see an encryptionstatus report available with graph api, hence your error message.

Yes, there are some columns there as well.
This is the report I am talking about, it has additional columns for Bitlocker: