GPOs vs Intune: Customizing App settings

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One of the great things about GPOs is the ability to configure options such as the Default Save Location; check spelling before sending; default Home Pages for browsers, etc.

Can Intune do this? For example, if we want to ensure Outlook always checks spelling before sending or want to ensure Firefox's homepage is set to our SharePoint homepage, can we do this via Intune, or do we need to stick with GPOs?

Sorry if these have been asked before, but I'm new to Intune and want to know how close we are to moving completely to O365 vs keeping a Server on-premise to ensure GPOs are run when a

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Hi @Brian LeFlem,


there are various options available to configure a Windows 10 device. As you asked for Windows 10 I made a screenshot of the profile types to give you an impression:




As you can see a variety of types are available. All covering different aspects. And I think there are a lot of settings available right now to configure a device for corporate usage. In addition, there are ways to extend this list by using custom profiles with Windows 10 CSP's (CSP=Configuration Service Providers). 


You can read my article about Processing of Intune policies ( to understand more of the custom settings (Policy CSP).


Lastly you can use PowerShell scripts to configure settings you are missing from the options I showed.

My advice would be, fire up a test tenant and start evaluating. It is real quick setup and you can start to have a look what is possible and where the limitations are for you.



@Oliver Kieselbach- Thank you for your reply.  Greatly appreciated.  I'll look at this, and I'll look at your article too.


Many thanks again