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I've installed Google one backup, but I'm not able to take backup. I think something is blocking from Intune side to take the backup for Android device.

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I read the article, but I have OnePlus phone not Samsung.
Ah, ok... But what is your deployment type, Company Owned, or Bring Your Own Device? I can use Google One for my private part on my BYOD device, but not on the Corporate part.
Company owned fully managed devices
But then your device runs with a Managed Google Account for the Play Store(Not a personal one), you can't use that to back up your device AFAIK
what is the alternative way?
But why would you want it? You deploy apps that don't store data in 365 or?
Hi @Harm

So, I'm using Fully Company Managed Android device. In that device I also added personal Google account. So whatever the other apps are there, for example, Google drive, that uses personal account, for this type of use cases I want Google Backup to be working.
I read that it's possible with Corporate-owned devices with work profile.(The work profile can be managed by Microsoft Intune policies. Personal apps and data stay separate in another part of the device and remain unaffected by Intune.)

But you are running Corporate-owned, fully managed user devices? (A fully managed device is associated with a single user and is intended for work, not personal use)
Right. But any way to solve this problem?
By switching your deployment type to Corporate-owned devices with work profile if your current one is Corporate-owned, fully managed user devices.
if you need to backup, you should be using android enterprise corporate-owned work profile or android enterprise personally-owned work profile so you can backup your personal profile stuff.

you should not be using android enterprise fully managed because it is for work only and there is no need to backup because data are in the company cloud such as office 365 and should not be locally.
Thanks Harm and Jrng,

I completely understand it. But this use case is not for any company data or kind of. I just have one personal device, where I'm doing this experiment and at the same time, I want my personal data to be synced with personal account. And I do not want to changed the type, because few use cases I can achieve with company owned fully manged device. So request you to help me with any trick or any other solution.
I'm afraid your out of luck there, it's just how it works :( Other profile is the solution