Google Chrome update via Intune (Endpoint)

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What is the fastest way to enforce Google Chrome update via Intune?
Google released a important update for 7 high risk vulnerabilities.

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I am also struggeling with this one. Auto update seems the best solution I guess.
Check out this article:

Mozilla Firefox launched a Microsoft Store app lately, maybe Google considers to do so in the near future!?
Multiple options I guess :) free ones and paid ones

1. Normally google chrome could automatically update like robjanssen is also mentioning
2. (free) You could install chrome with chocolatey or winget and also keep it up to date with it
3.(paid) scappman :) multi tenant apps update/deployment tool
From experience those Store apps have not been the ones to receive a lot of updates.

How is Google Chrome deployed via Intune?
If it's deployed via MSI/Win32 it should not be an issue uploading the new version and target it as a Supersedence to the previous one. Just make sure your detection rules check the installed version aswell.

That is a true story. But the effort you have to put into keeping Google Chrome up-to-date is tremendous. This is the update history the browser only: 

Well i guess that depends on what your target channel is. Granted it all depends on the full scenario, like if your a solo IT administrator and have to do everything yourself. Or if you try to keep every version of Chrome updated.

Stable channel seems to update about 2 times month and i doubt google changes their installations/uninstallations methods in those times. Does not seem like to much effort to me, but if the time it takes is your biggest issue self-updating google chrome would be my go-to.

Can someone verify this. For step 2 (Create and App in Intune) is it Apps, All Apps, and then Add?


For Step 3, which Windows should be selected?  Is it Windows app (Win32) under Other?  There is a couple windows options in select app type.



You got a GPO where you can specify update checks to do it automaticly



 in intune as i remember you can specify this in edge because the option is settings catalog