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Google Chrome ADMX template for YouTube Restricted

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Has anyone tried setting YouTubeRestricted mode in Intune? I have ingested the Google Chrome admx template and I am successfully setting safe search and extension whitelist and blacklists but I cannot figure out the correct syntax for forcing YouTubeRestricted mode, has anyone attempted this? 

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Can you post your OMA-URIs so we can verify?

So I will post a OMA-URL that i know is working, because its in my policy now. 







I have tried. 



and that broke the policy

and then I tried. 



<enabled/> <data id="YouTubeRestricted_Strict" value="2&#xF000;"/>


But that broke as well, so I am not sure I have the syntax anywhere close. Google does have a sheet with known OMA-URI's for managing chrome, but youtube restricted mode is not one of them. We are a K12 school district so its pretty important for us to be able to set that.




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Hi adamedtech,


I've implemented the setting in my lab, here is how it works:


OMA-URI: ./Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/Chrome~Policy~googlechrome/ForceYouTubeRestrict

Type: String

Value: <enabled/><data id="ForceYouTubeRestrict" value="2"/>










Thanks Oliver, 

I have implemented this setting and I will see if it works.



Oliver's suggestion is correct. I was able to successfully deploy this OMA-URI



@Oliver Kieselbach How do you figure out the settings?  Are you going to the registry and mapping what they should be or something else?  I'm trying to allow popups for a particular site in Chrome using ADMX but seems like I just need to trial and error until it succeeds.


Tried these so far and none work: 






Hey @illnasty,


this is how it works in my tenant:








URL Delimiter URL

so the URL to whitelist added twice and then the next URL.


I use this guide to construct the value and oma-uri:




@Oliver Kieselbach of course your suggestion worked.  2019-08-14_7-53-31.png


May have spoke to soon.  Policy is being pushed down successfully which is good but the Value in Chrome is blank.



@illnasty  @Oliver Kieselbach Got it.  Needed to be delimiterURL.  Thanks Oliver!


@illnasty correct, I tried to explain this fact by writing the sentence below (not that obvious I know :-)):



URL Delimiter URL

so the URL to whitelist added twice and then the next URL



I'm glad that it works for you! :thumbs_up:


For the general public; here is a working OMA-URI to allow popups from just one site:



<enabled/><data id="PopupsAllowedForUrlsDesc" value="1&#xF000;"/>


what if i wanted to add multiple sites. i haven't been able to find anything really concrete when it comes to adding multi. i tried this, but i wasn't getting any data listed in the policies.


<enabled/><data id="PopupsAllowedForUrlsDesc" value="1&#xF000[*.];2&#xF000[*.];3&#xF000[*.]"/>


As mentioned above, I think you have to add the url twice for one entry and then the next entry twice.

URL Delimiter URL
so the URL to whitelist added twice and then the next URL

@Oliver Kieselbach so, like this? 



<enabled/><data id="PopupsAllowedForUrlsDesc" value="
Yes correct, I think that was the way I implemented it. Did it work out for you as well?

@Oliver Kieselbach if it is working, nothing is showing up in the values section. 

@Oliver Kieselbach, i finally got it to work. Here is what i did to get it to work for me. 


<enabled/><data id="PopupsAllowedForUrlsDesc" value="1&#xF000;[*.];2&#xF000;[*.]"/>


perfect :thumbs_up:
I checked my policy, and yes for me it is working as well.
Tip: chrome://policy