Google Apps - Blocked personal accoutns

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We have deployed a Configuration Policy for Android which blocks the use of Personal Google accounts.

Our devices are in a Fully Managed configuration.

One of our users is trying to use the Google Assistant with Android Auto and it appears we need to enable 'Personal Results' Allow personal results on your Assistant-enabled devices - Android - Google Nest Help.

This requires a personal Google Account, which we cannot enable for Cyber Security reasons. 

Do we have any options here / is this a known problem? Given a 'managed' Google account exists on the device, can you leverage that to enable this functionality, or is this just an accepted known issue that without a personal account you cannot use apps in this way?





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have you tried Allowing the App, in the Managed Google Play Account?

Do you mean approve that app via the Intune console so that the user can download / install?

If so, the app is allowed for enrolled devices, however the functionality for the app to work seemingly requires access log in to a personal Google account (which in our con configuration policy we block for Cyber reasons).

If not - could you share any docs that describe the approval, you refer to?