Getting MDM and MAM working together

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Has anyone been able to get MDM and MAM working together. We simply want to deploy two applications that staff can download onto their personal devices, that are managed by us, WITHOUT the need of the user downloading the company portal. Support have been no help as i keep being told different things by different people and to be honest sometimes i feel they have no idea what im asking for, even though i thought it was rather simple. I would love just a 15 min call with someone that could advise me what they have done. We are an NHS trust, so if anyone is also in that area it would be a huge benefit to speak to you. Thanks all :)

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Hi Jay,

MAM users need to install the app msnually in their phones, you can still manage it but you can’t automatically download it in their phones. MDM phones should ok to automatically download and managed.

Hope this helps, happy to speak with you if needed!
What is the platform for the mobile devices? iOS require MS authenticator app to be installed and Android requires Company portal app to be installed (Just installed. No sign-in needed) which act as broker for MAM policies.