Gets restrictions but not apps

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I want manage devices with Intune so I enrolled test device with my company user account ( with Azure AD joined device local administrator  and  Intune administrator assigned roles and then take it in device group with appropriate restrictions and apps settings. When I restart computer and login with a local admin user account (.\admin), it gets all settings and restrictions but not apps. If I login with, also apps are installed. Where is problem?

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How are the applications assigned ?


Added in MS Endpoint Manager admin center as program.intunewin and then in Intune for Education ->Groups -> MyDevicesGroup ->Windows apps -> Edit apps ->Desktop apps ->select app as required-> Save.


Could you also give us a little bit more information about the win32 app itself... and how its installed and the detection rules
I uploaded 7-zip and VLC player and set install in silent mode (7z1900-x64.exe /S), detection rules: File c:\Program files\. Also MS Store apps don't work. But if I login as all work.
If its installed inside the program files folder, its available for everyone.. COuld you manually browse to the folder and open the executable?
There are not program folder in Program Files.
WHen I am looking at the detection rule, you specified: c:\Program files\ . What in there ?