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Forticlient VPN uninstall through Intune shows error

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I used the following script to uninstall FortiClient VPN and manually this installs fine but when I run it through Intune it shows ERROR in the Overview and not Successful. I am running in system context. In Defender for endpoint, it shows that I have around 28 devices that it still has it and I want to remove it. Any suggestions or thoughts as it works fine when run manually. I thought maybe these machines are not restarted after the uninstall so it might show like that, but at least one or two computers would have restarted over a period of 2 weeks and should have shown it as successful? Any ideas guys?


$forticlient = Get-WmiObject Win32_Product | Where-Object {$_.Name -like "*FortiClient*"}
msiexec /uninstall $forticlient.IdentifyingNumber /quiet /norestart



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