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Oct 24 2022 07:00 AM - Oct 27 2022 12:00 PM (PDT)

Force install Chrome Extensions


Hey guys, I am really desperate here, tried everything I could think of, but simply forcing a list of extensions for Chrome doesn't work. I followed this tutorial - I can have the home button show fine, but applying the list registry always fails:

MDM PolicyManager: Set policy string, Policy: (ExtensionInstallForcelist), Area: (Chrome~Policy~googlechrome~Extensions), EnrollmentID requesting set: (D165E554-567C-4DAA-8B5E-E65E50123350), Current User: (Device), String: (<enabled/><data id=”ExtensionInstallForcelistDesc” value=”1&#xF000;bkbeeeffjjeopflfhgeknacdieedcoml;″/>), Enrollment Type: (0xD), Scope: (0x0), Result:(0x80004005) Unspecified error.

I am pretty much out of ideas. I also tried removing <enabled/> from the policy but nothing changed.


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I feel really stupid about this that it didn't occur to me - when copypasting from the blog post, the quotes were the text (left and right) instead of the regular quotes...

don't feel too bad, problems caused by copy/pasting quotes have affected many of us :)

Hi. can you elaborate on this please? I think I have the same fault. 

when I view the blog post half of the force extension script is being cut off so I have to type it in manually from the image below it but it fails. my other settings succeed. 

what do you mean that the quotes were the text?


Glad you found my blog post I wrote!

I have exported the Intune Policy to a .json file and placed them on Github here:

So you can just import it using the Powershell sample scripts that can be found here:

I also included a .txt file with the command line you wanted.

I hope that helps!