For how long do Intune devices tries to fetch configs / profiles?

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Hi folks,


recently i was asked the above question.

At this MS-Docs I've found some information. Just to don't misunderstand:

An Intune device tries to check in three times at a faster intervall. Afterwards it tries to connect every 8 hours without a deadline.

Is this right?


Thank you advance.

Patrick :)

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@PatrickF11 It says "About very 8 hours" so it's not a fixed schedule and has many dependencies, i.e. connectivity, powered on, sleep etc. In my experience you can somewhat trigger a check-in by manually start a sync from the Intune app. Emphasis on "somewhat".


Without a "Push" button to force app install, policy refresh etc this interval isn't good enough, esp. when you have apps that need to be installed/upgraded within a very specific time-frame (yea there are app developers who build apps following the legacy rules of the client - server sad...).


Hi @elieuw 


Thanks for your response.

Im already aware about the dependencies of course. But what i'm not sure 100% is, if there is any deadline e.g. after x days/weeks of trying.

(Example: I'm pushing out a new configuration, some employees are at summer vacation. Of course they should receive this config even after a few weeks passed by.)

@PatrickF11, there is no deadline

As long as the device stays enrolled, it comes back up after a few weeks, it will fetch all the configs he missed

Just make sure your clean-up rule settings are aligned with your employee’s longest vacation interval, to prevent accidental device deletion.