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Nov 27 2023 07:00 AM - Nov 30 2023 11:30 AM (PST)
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Flag or registry value for intune license on kiosk / shared devices

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Hi all,


im struggling right now with some selfdeploy / shared & kiosk devices. Is there a way to check the registry or a flag on those devices if a license is used by the device?

In these docs ( it says that device licenses dont need to be assigned to devices or groups.


So the problem here is that we have for example 50 shared / kiosk devices in our tenant. But we only have 25 "Microsoft Intune Device" licenses. 

Is there any way for me as an Admin to check on the device with a script or in the registry if that device is licensed properly, or gets a license from the pool?


Because I want to make sure that the problem I have right now with the app deployment after the ESP phase isnt license related.


Thank you

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