Failure issuing PKCS Certificate - No provider was specified for the store or object

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I have PKCS certificate profiles to issue certs from my enterprise CA through Intune.  One of these profiles is failing.  The Intune\CertificateConnector event logs on the connector show the following error for the failed certificates: 


PFX Create Legacy:


IssuePfx - COMException: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80092006): CertEnroll::CX509Enrollment::_CreateRequest: No provider was specified for the store or object. 0x80092006 (-2146885626 CRYPT_E_NO_PROVIDER)
at CERTENROLLLib.IX509Enrollment2.CreateRequest(EncodingType Encoding)
at Microsoft.Management.Services.NdesConnector.MicrosoftCA.GetCertificate(PfxRequestDataStorage pfxRequestData, String& certificate, String& password)


I'm having trouble finding information about this specific error.  I thought the provider it mentions would be the Key Storage Provider, but that is specified in the certificate template on the CA, so I'm not sure.  

What can I do to get this certificate issuing successfully through Intune? 

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There's nothing in the logs of the machine holding the PFX connector?