Expired Apple Certificate

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Without realizing it, I let my Apple Certificate expire for Intune. (side note, our prior MDM gave me warnings!)  Anyways, I realized this when a new device attempted to register and failed.  So, I updated the certificate and the token.   The new device was able to enroll. I checked my device, and it seems ok. Signed into the Company Portal, synchronized, etc.  No errors.  The article I read is if I let the certificate expired, I am up for a headache as every device would need to re-register again. All our devices are supervised mode.   What exactly should I expect to see broken now? 

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Normally you need to re-enroll devices if the cert is expired, but I have heard there is an 30 day grace period. Could it be you were on time?

Btw: I highly recommend this setup: https://msendpointmgr.com/2018/03/26/monitoring-apple-mdm-push-certificates-in-microsoft-intune-with...

@Thijs Lecomte  If that is the case, then I should be fine and would explain why I havent noticed any issues. It was only 5 days expired.  Thanks. 


I just put a reminder in my calendar for next year. A lot less work than building out a script, but thanks.   Not sure why MS did not just build something in for alerts.  I am in the Endpoint Portal daily. 

We are in a same situation. Our apple id account is locked for security reasons for 6 days after our APN certificate has expired. This post gave me some hope for not re-enrolling all the devices again. Did you experience any other issues?
No issues once I renewed the certificate.