Exclusion groups missing from script deployment

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One of our tenants is having an issue when we go to deploy a powershell script through Intune where the ability to exclude a group/user (regardless of the included groups/user selection) is completely missing. Has anyone else had this issue or know the reason behind this?



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Checked a few of my own and customer tenants, no issue there (Exclude is possible) Do you still have the issue?

Yup, the issue is still happening. @Harm_Veenstra 

I'm in a European tenant with Service Release 2309, and you?
North America - 2309
I can't find any reported issues about it, you could try another browser (Chrome instead of Edge or the other way around, of course)
Yeah, all of that has been tried. I couldn't find any other instance of this happening either which is weird.
SAme issue here. Any news on this?

Exact same issue here for a client's North America Commercial tenant.

Same issue here... has anyone opened a case on this?

I am having the same issue on a UK tenant where i need to exclude devices/users from a Powershell scrip within intune and you only have the option to "include" a group, not exclude, like you cna on standard intune controls for devices. 


Same on an Australian tenant.