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Apr 11 2023 08:00 AM - Apr 12 2023 11:00 AM (PDT)

Exclude Machines in a Policy

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In the company I work, we have Dell and Lenovo laptops, and Dell and Lenovo thin clients.
I'm trying to exclude the Dell laptops in a policy. Does anyone know how I can do that?


Thanks in advance!

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Are you referring to an Intune Configuration Policy?
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there is a new feature called Filters in Intune. These can be used to include or exclude devices during assignment. There is an option to check for manufacturer and models
See docs article here:


A good add-on on Oliver his reply is that the filter option is still in preview and you cannot use filter on all profiles assignments.

An other option to exclude lenovo or dell devices is to assign the profile to device groups.

Create a dynamic azure ad group with the rule manufacturer dell and 1 with lenovo and assign one of the group to the profile, or select all devices as assignment and exclude with the azure ad dynamic group.

But I prefer the filter option but at the moment it is not possible for all the profiles.

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Agree! But a short addition, "Public Preview" is correct for Filters and sadly they are not everywhere available for configuration at the moment, but keep in mind Intune Public Previews are fully supported by MS see here:

Dynamic groups have a SLA up to 24h for updating, normally that's not the case so not such an issue, but that's the definition. That's why I really prefer to switch over to Filters.

Appreciate the help guys, this helps alot!

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