Ensure Work Profile used for Outlook app

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I was piloting an Android app protection policy to ensure that when a user attempted to sign into Outlook on their Personal tray, it prompted them to install Company Portal, and would not allow their corporate mail to be accessed on the "personal" Outlook app. 

When I now go to edit the policy, I do not see where this was configured. I believe it was under 'App-level settings' or something to that effect, but that is no longer present.

Has this functionality been removed? Is there another way to do this?


Any help with this would be great, as i was going to use this to round up a lot of unmanaged phones in our environment.

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What you need is a CA policy that uses managed application and APP as conditions.

Thanks @rahuljindal-MVP, the CA policy has done what I needed.

The setting required was under Access Controls - Grant Access - Require approved client app