Enrollment Options Available to W10 AD Domain Joined Devices

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Hi All


Any other options available for Windows 10 domain joined devices.


Option 1:

Enroll via Settings > Accounts > Work or School > Enroll in MDM Only

Device shows as Azure AD Registered / Personal device


What if personal devices are blocked from enrolling?

Is there any other method to get these devices enrolled as Corporate?


Option 2:


Hybrid Azure AD Join

Simple enough on a managed / unfederated domain

Quite complex if not


Any other options available for enrolling Windows 10 domain joined devices as Corporate / Company owned devices?


Info appreciated



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@Ambarish RH 


Requires Hybrid for AD Joined machines I believe which is what I'm trying to avoid!!

@Stuart King There is a great article on Docs that summarizes all the options you have.



The following methods qualify as being authorized as a Windows corporate enrollment: