Enrolling into Intune issue with Android - Company Portal

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Anyone having issues today with the enrolling an Android into the Company Portal/Intune?   I installed the Company Portal and when I go to sign in as the user I am getting a different screen.  This screen title is Company Access Setup.  When I hit Begin it then takes me to a screen about Whats Next and then wants Company Portal to make and managge phone calls.  If I click Allow it was me to then Activate Device Admin app.   Then tries to register device and fails.  Just started today.


UPDATED:   I figured out the problem.  They were missing a certain custom attribute in their Exchange account that gives them Intune access.  


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I did yesterday had Encrypt Org Data and Encrypt org data on enrolled devices set to Require.

I just went in and changed to Not Required.   Will test and see what happens.




I went back and turned off the Encrypt Org data and the other one to Not Required.

I uninstalled Company Portal and reinstalled it and signed in as the user but still acting

like it wants to enroll using Device Admin instead of Work Profile.

I have isolated to the users accounts. As I can uninstall the Company Portal app on the users phone, reinstall it, and login with my credentials and it goes to set up a Work Profile. Now anyone know why that would be?
Is it the default policy in EXO or a custom policy? See what is assigned to the mailbox of the user in question.