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Enroll devices for users

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Hi guys,


I am new to Intune and I am told by the engineer who set the system up for me that I can't register devices for users. In ManageEngine MDM I enrolled the devices and issued them to the users.


I need to issue 12 tablets and 12 mobile phones into 12 branches and unless they sit with me or I go them I can't see them scanning the QR code and going through the settings?


1 - Is he correct?

2 - What is the best of enrolling devices?


Thank you


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It depends, if they are BYOD devices the users can install the Company Portal app and proceed from there. (Android and iOS) If they are Apple devices, you can link Apple Business Manager to Intune and continue for there for COD devices. If you have Android devices, then COD devices must scan a QR code when turned on for the first time by pressing the welcome/getting started screen five times and scanning the code.
Thank you for your reply.

The devices are COD and I scanned a QR, went through all the settings until it is asking for Microsoft user name and password. If I send the device powered up to the user and they put their Microsoft account then it will work but if the device was shut down. The next time you power it on it starts from the beginning. Surely this can't be the only way?

It is, .. It's a one-time thing for the user for that device, create a manual with the QR code on it and send it to the user. They can buy their own phones too and input the QR during inital setup, it's pretty flexible.

If users don't use the QR, they will have no access to Company resources if you use Conditional Access rules and app protection.. They will be forced to either install the Company Portal, making it a BYOD, or have to reset the device again and follow the manual to scan the QR
Hi @Wessam1961,

It is also possible with intune to enroll your android tablets and issue them to a users.

But keep in mind all the users needs a license and are allowed to enroll and doesn’t have enroll restrictions etc.

There are multiple ways to enroll your android device in Intune. But it depends on the goal, design and configuration if your engineer is correct.

See some Microsoft documentation how to enroll your android tablets:

And you can find in the community valuable content:

I think it is a good idea to discus it with your engineer and define your requirements and goals. You have now some background information.

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