enroll azure ad joined devices into intune without user intervention and manual settings

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Hi, is there any possibility to enroll azure ad joined devices into Intune without any user intervention and manually setting. Suppose there are 1000 azure ad joined devices on remote location, how can I enroll them into Intune simultaneously without performing manually settings or any user assistance. I tried number of ways but none of them 100% successful because every method needs little user intervention like installing packages and entering user credentials. I hope there will be surely a way to make this possible.


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I assume those devices are already aadj and now you want to join them to Intune. Are those users local admin or?


If the MDM scope is configured and the users are licensed for Intune you could try this

Enable automatic MDM enrollment for Azure Ad joined Devices (call4cloud.nl)

Hi @Rudy_Ooms_MVP thanks for reply 


Yes, those users are local admin and all the prerequisite are completed for enrollment.

From your suggested methods I think the third method will be suitable for bulk enrollment but how can I execute that PowerShell script on multiple devices at one time because it will be very time consuming and frustrating to execute this script on 1000 or more devices.


Assuming you don't have an additional RMM tool? You could convert this powershell script to a nice executable... zip it and email it to your end users?
Tell them to unzip it and double click on it

Okay, I will try this tool. But, I am thinking to deploy this PowerShell script through cloud shell (from azure portal). I don't know it is possible or not and will be successful but if it works, there will be zero interference of users.

Hi @Rudy_Ooms_MVP 


I tried the third method from your suggesting link by manually executing PowerShell script, Its creating the registry at "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\MDM" but my laptop is not getting enroll in Intune and neither its creating a schedule task.

Anything in the device management logs?
What happens when running C:\Windows\system32\deviceenroller.exe /c /AutoEnrollMDM as system?
last log is giving this message "Should show EnrollmentStatusPage result. Device: (0x0) Result (0x0)." with event id 85.
and till now I didn't run this ( C:\Windows\system32\deviceenroller.exe /c /AutoEnrollMDM ) command because I wanted to test that PowerShell script so that I can execute that remotely.

And I also wanted to know about this content. Is it also the content of PowerShell script ? then I would try this script .
$EnrollmentsPath = "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Enrollments\"

$Enrollments = Get-ChildItem -Path $EnrollmentsPath

$DiscoveryServerFullUrls = @("https://wip.mam.manage.microsoft.com/Enroll")

Foreach ($Enrollment in $Enrollments) {
$EnrollmentObject = Get-ItemProperty Registry::$Enrollment
if ($EnrollmentObject."DiscoveryServiceFullURL" -in $DiscoveryServerFullUrls ) {
$EnrollmentPath = $EnrollmentsPath + $EnrollmentObject."PSChildName"
Remove-Item -Path $EnrollmentPath -Recurse
& "C:\Windows\System32\deviceenroller.exe /c /AutoEnrollMDM"

Gagandeep Singh
Hello. I have the same problem, 1000 Azure AD Register devices in users' homes that I can't automatically include in Intune. I can only do it with user intervention, for example installing portal company. Were they able to fix it?