Enforce iOS Version Update?

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Hi, is there an Intune Policy Settings that enforces a minimum iOS Version on registered devices?

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Here's a good blog post on forcing this with conditional access too

Thanks, looks like I just had troubles with the (stupid) German translations of the old Intune portal. Can't wait for the move to the Azure Portal :)

See also Manage iOS/iPadOS software update policies in Intune:


"You can use Microsoft Intune device configuration profiles to manage software updates for iOS/iPad devices that enrolled as supervised devices.


"Supervised devices are devices that enroll through one of Apple's Automated Device Enrollment (ADE) options. Devices enrolled through ADE support management control through a mobile device management solution like Intune. ADE options include Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager.


With policies for iOS software updates, you can:

  • Choose to deploy the latest update that's available, or choose to deploy an older update, based on the update version number.

  • Specify a schedule that determines when the update installs. Schedules can be as simple as installing updates the next time that the device checks in, or creating date and time ranges during which updates can install or are blocked from installing."

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