Endpoint Manager Proactive Remediations Not Applying

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Hi everyone,


I've created a particular Proactive Remediation script set and deployed it. It's marked as active and is assigned to a test group. However, after two days, it still indicates that there are no devices pending and none have completed it. The scripts contains logging as well, which is not present on the target machine (the only in the testing group).


For some unknown reason, the Proactive Remediation item simply isn't applying to the group. I removed and reassigned the group at some point to see if it would accomplish anything. But it netted no difference.


I do have another Proactive Remediation that is working, and I did no different in setting it up. So, I'm not sure why it is fine and deployed to the machines without issue while this new one is hung-up.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


EDIT: After two and a half days, it simply just started working. It appears to have been some extensive delay on the Intune/Endpoint Manager side.

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@devinm_ I have similar situations where proactive remediation were slow 30/300 computers for almost 3 weeks and suddenly increased to 245 and again slowed down. Have a ticket with MS and waiting for an update from them on this

Hi @Ambarish RH,


Did you hear back from MS with respect to your ticket? I'm curious what they had to say about it.




still in progress. Interesting part is now defender portal in progress doesn't show progress bar, its only available on completed ones. Do you see the same?

@Ambarish RH 


I'm not sure which Defender Portal you're referring to.

Has this been resolved? What additional information did Microsoft supply as to why a PR may take days to run? I have been testing with a standard user (non-admin) account and some devices have the PR applied immediately and others take days. I restart the test machines, Lock the machines, run as x64, none of that makes it predictable as to when it will actually run.
The first time you configure proactive rem, it could take a while before kicking in. Also depending if the group is a dynamic group or not, that could also take some time (some times even some more :P)

@Rudy_Ooms_MVP So when it comes down to it, we cannot tell the users that on this day and time, you are going to get a message (provided through the remediation script) on your screen warning you that we are about to stop all the office365 apps so intune can redeploy to resolve missing app issues etc. 

We have found that the Intune app deployment will not run successfully because it cannot install with the apps running (Teams primarily is the culprit).

I have created a remediation script to go through all the processes and stop anything with a name -like any of the O365 apps. It runs successfully when it runs but predicting when it will run the first time (or second or third) is impossible, even with my test machine(s) right in front of me, logged in with the apps running.


I am considering checking the time with the script, then if it is in the ballpark, do Sleep commands to wake it up at the right time to execute.