Endpoint Manager (intune): Remote Action "Disable Activation Lock" not available

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Hello, everyone. Who can explain to me why I don't have a "Disable Activation Lock" remote action in the Endpoint Manager (intune) on my DEP iPhone (supervised)? I would like to test this as soon as possible. But before I delete device, I need certainty :)

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Hi @rtilavel,


Did you check the following Microsoft doc


Please let me know if you have questions.


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Hi. Yes I have read it. Do I understand correctly that the code simply has to be noted before the "wipe" and then when prompted the ID has to be left blank and the password field has to be filled with the code? Is that enough or do I need to do anything else before the "wipe"?

Hallo. Ja, habe ich gelesen. Verstehe ich das richtig, dass der cod einfach notiert werden muss vor dem "Wipe" und dann bei Abfrage die ID leergelassen und das Passwordfeld mit dem Code befüllt werden muss? Reicht das aus oder muss ich vor dem "Wipe" noch irgendetwas anderes tun?

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Hi @rtilavel,


as far I know you have to do these steps:


1. Create device restriction profile and enable the setting: Activation Lock

2. Assign profile to device 

3. Check is profile is successfully assigned

4 Go to the device's, click on hardware and  copy the Activation Lock bypass code
5. Wipe the device from the Intune portal

6. Wait till device is wiped and back at the iPhone enrollment screen

7. When you are prompted for the Apple ID and password. Do not enter an Apple ID. Leave this blank/ empty. Enter only the copied (step 4) Bypass activation code in the password field  

8. The account will be removed from the iPhone and you are ready to go.


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Yes, exactly. That's how I understood it and just wanted to have it confirmed once more.