Endpoint Defender block opening an application

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Hi there, 


I am here to get help, I am using Microsoft Endpoint manager to manage my devices, one of my devices has Abacus Application(Finance Application). 


A few weeks ago there was no problem with it, but since that time the finance user can't open the app, I don't know why? I was thinking if the security baseline block opening the app. 


To be honest I am not sure, how to troubleshoot because I am new for Microsoft Endpoint manager. 


could you please let me know what should I check and how to find a solution for that?


Here is a screenshot of the error, when I open the app: 


Looking forward to help on this. 



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The error doesn't indicate that Intunes nor Configuration Manager has to be the cause of the issue.
Did you try and find any logfile for the software itself?
Did you contact ABACUS support as the error states?
Did the error start after the installation of the Configuration Manager Client / Intune Join?
Thanks for your answer @gerald_doeserich.
Actually I think defender or security baseline block the application because I have laptop which is not joined to the domain and there is no problem.

I think the problem is the security profile or windows, defender security baseline, i am not sure.
It would still be very helpful to be able to actually know what the software is missing. Did you try to find a log file of the software?
If windows defender is blocking an application you should be able to see it in the Security Center of Windows.
If Windows Firewall is blocking something you should be able to find it in the Firewall log (assuming logging is enabled in wf.msc): %systemroot%\system32\LogFiles\Firewall\pfirewall.log

For testing purposes you can create a firewall rule for the EXE of the Application to see if it then works.
Also check Windows Event Logs for any events at the time of the error message.