Enabling Hybrid Azure AD in AD Connect

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Have few questions.


1. For Autopilot having Intune Connector is not sufficient and should we enable Hybrid Azure AD configuration in AD Connect?

2. The device is not joining the domain but I see the device in Azure even though I have specified in the configuration profile Hybrid Azure AD.

3. If Hybrid Azure AD configuration needs to be enabled in Azure AD Connect server, then will this affect any devices OnPrem? I do not want thousand of machines moving to Azure AD. 


I just want to be careful, as I have only done Azure AD and not Hybrid Azure AD. Appreciate your help on this guys.


Thanks in advance.



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I think you started multiple topics about this :)
1. If you have no good reason for your clients to be both Azure AD and Active Directory joined, then please don't and just use Azure AD Join. You don't need the Intune Connector to be installed, only when using Hybrid Join
2. The device is registered or joined?
3. No, it won't do anything with existing devices. Only if you assign a Group Policy to devices with a configuration telling them to join Azure AD.
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