Enable Restart Pop-ups for Windows Updates in Intune

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Hi All,

I’m trying to get notification popups working for all our Windows 10 devices but can’t seem to find the right settings. Currently we have the restart icon at the bottom right in the task bar which is useful... 



But we want to have a pop-up notification of a restart that appears onscreen so users will be notified in a more obvious way. I think the problem may be in the Advanced Windows Update Settings on all devices.




This is grayed out and looks to be set to ‘Off’ but I cannot find where this setting is controlled. As these are all Hybrid Joined devices in Co-management I’ve checked through Group Policy and in our Update Rings policy and Windows Update Configuration Policy but I cant find where to enable this setting.

Does anyone know where this setting is or has anyone managed to configure pop ups for restart notifications in Intune? 

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@RossMckeown Hi 

For default notifications you need to set this in your update ring:

This setting will add a notification in your notification center once it has updated your device and ask the user when they like to schedule for a reboot.

To find out whether your policy arrive from Intune go look here:

If it is GPO:



So that particular setting has always been set in our Update Ring as far as i can tell.

There are some extra settings we've configured via Configuration Policy 

When you say "notification center" are you referring to the Action Center? From the settings you've configured do your users see a pop-up window notifying them of a pending restart or do they need to go into the Action Centre to see it?

Thanks for your help.

yeah the Action center :)
It pops up for the users and tell them what happened and what when they would like to schedule reboot.


Ok, i'll have another check with our users. Just to confirm with the settings you've shown, in 'Windows Update Settings > Advanced Options' does your 'Show a notification when your PC requires a restart to finish updating' show as off and grayed out too?



@RossMckeown it not greyed out and neither enabled.