EMS and Pradeo integration ensures risk free devices access company resources

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Microsoft and Pradeo are delighted to announce the integration between Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), available as part of the Microsoft 365 modern workplace, and Pradeo Security solution. Pradeo mobile security expertise provides organizations with an advanced, automated and adaptive management of mobile security for both iOS and Android devices. This partnership allows organizations to further ensure that only trusted devices are allowed to access company resources.


Pradeo Security for Mobile Threat Defense integrates with Microsoft Intune to protect devices from leaky and malicious applications, device manipulation and network exploits before they become a problem. This new integration makes it easy to apply Pradeo’s threat defense technology as an additional input into Intune’s device compliance settings for the EMS Conditional Access evaluation. When a threat is detected, Pradeo immediately applies on-device protections and notifies Intune to mark the device as non-compliant and trigger the appropriate conditional access controls, ensuring that company data stays protected. Once the threat is mitigated, the device compliance status is updated and access is reinstated.




Read about it in the Enterprise Mobility + Security blog.

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