Edge Target Channel Override

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Has anyone seen the option to select the "Extended Stable"  release using the Target Channel Override option that is supposed to be  found under the “Microsoft Edge Update >Applications>Microsoft Edge”  when creating or editing configuration profiles for Edge?

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it's been more than a month since the release of the new version of Microsoft Edge 94, and there is still no Intune infrastructure ready for it. I would like to ask why Microsoft offers a cloud service when it is not able to update this service fast and timely for its own software?

I manage all of our Edge updates and policies using Endpoint Manager (Intune) the Edge install is managed using Configuration Manager. We are currently on the Stable 95 version. What bothers me is when Microsoft says they are releasing a feature and then it takes 4-6 months for it to show up.



I can see target channel override in our intune from today. Check it on your side.




Thanks! I can see it as well now.