Edge (Android) "Send to Phone" ; Replicate w. Intune?

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If I try and deploy either a "managed web app" to get a shortcut on my Android device OR using Microsoft Managed Home Screen (configuring it using an app configuration policy) both of those ways open up the "normal" Edge browser.


However if I select "Send to phone" the website / shortcut then open Edge without any menus so it becomes like a mobile app; how can I replicate that behavior when using Intune i.e. to deploy such a shortcut on the home screen of a Intune managed Android device?


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Solved it by using Chrome instead of Edge, if I use Chrome then the weblink deployed through Google Play (see link below) honor the "display"-setting in the weblink;
Add and assign Managed Google Play apps to Android Enterprise devices - Microsoft Intune | Microsoft...


Disappointed that it doesn't work w. Edge since both Chrome and Edge are chromium-based.

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