Dynamic Group with Advanced rule

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I have come across bug.


I created a Dynamic Device Group i used the property "EnrollmentProfileName" with the operator "Equals" and the value "BP User Driven" - This is where it get's strange, if you make a value that is equal to your enrollmentprofilename with "spaces" the dynamic group wont work.

So you have to make the DEP profile or Autopilot Profile without spaces


DEP profile allows you to use special characters(like "-") and spaces.

Autopilot profile does not allow special characters only spaces.


But if you name your Deployment profile with spaces the dynamic group wont work.

Make a Deployment profile without spaces so its the same on both Deployment programs.


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@Jonas Bøgvad thanks for sharing this information.  Dynamic Device Groups are actually handled by Azure Active Directory, even though they are often used in association with Intune.


Did this work if you used a simple rule instead? Unless you are making it more complicated than just creating the membership on the enrollmentProfileName, a Simple Rule should suffice.


If you have future Dynamic Device Group issues, here is the AAD forum for your reference:

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@Jonas Bøgvad I think this issue is fixed, just tested that with space in Autopilot deployment profile name, dynamic group works. 

Thank you for the update :) @Yinghua Zeng