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Does anyone know of or can we get a feature added where when creating a dynamic group we can use other properties? I need to be able to create dynamic groups that filter our iOS devices as to which have a celluar carrier/phone number/sim number from those iOS devices that dont. This is so we can assign specific apps to those devices rather than just deploy to everything. I was able to do this on a previous MDM system.

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Please follow the below link, it will be helpful for you




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@Deleted Not sure why you have sent me that link. The question is on using dynamic groups for managing mobile devices after they are enrolled.

Getting asked to eval Intune and this is an odd thing to not be able to do.  We have a LOT of devices with cellular that get some different policies than those that are WiFi only.  Can't seem to make a dynamic device membership group based on the Tel# or ICCID.