Duplicate AAD devices when using "Convert all targeted devices to Autopilot" option




We've been converting a number of devices from hybrid joined/co-managed to AAD joined/Intune by adding the existing co-managed devices to a group assigned to a deployment profile with the option "Convert all targeted devices to Autopilot" enabled.  This has worked well apart from the fact that duplicate devices are created in AAD - one is the original hybrid device that shows it's registered in Autopilot (so can't be deleted) and the other is the newly AAD joined object.  Is there a better workflow for this that would avoid this duplicate device object issue?


Many thanks

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I'd love to know. I found using "Convert all targeted devices to Autopilot" to be a mistake. If the AD object is deleted before the device in AAD gets enrolled, it breaks Autopilot when the synchronized AAD object also gets deleted.