Documenting Intune Settings

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Does anyone have any suggestions about how I could create a report that shows all of the Intune settings? I'd like to create a document that shows the current configuration so that the settings can easily be reviewed by various people in an organization.

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Thomas Kur wrote a nice script for that, I ran into it recently.


Note: the current version is broken, but I added some fixes to my fork of it:


update: current version works again :)



When running DocumentIntune.ps1 - I always get the error "Failed to retrieve access token from Azure".

Please assist.



As you also posted this issue on Github, I've replied there (cannot reproduce, works here)

having the same issue here.

might be related to a missing email-address in your admin-account..


Hey, is your PoSh session running under the same user context as the credential you use to connect to MSOL? This was an issue for me when trying to connect to MSTeams