Do I need Configuration Manager

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As usual unless you have the time to spend reading thousands of pages of Microsoft Documentation I am hoping someone can give me a solid scenario so i can focus my research.

Have a client who has On-Premise Domain, computers joined and user accounts.  Both are synced using Azure Connector and the devices have registered in Azure Active Directory as Hybrid-ADJoined.

I would like to transition them to Intune as well and am trying to understand if I really need to be using Configuration Manager or I can use the Intune connector for Active Directory.

We still need to maintain the onsite domain due to Business Applications, but I want to at least migrate the management to Intune as a start before we start to migrate there entire systems into the cloud.

Hopefully this makes sense.

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If you still need domain identity and adopt cloud strategy then hybrid identity is the only viable option for you. I will advise to continue using Configuration Manager for imaging devices with HAADJ and Co-management configured. You can start piloting some workloads over to Intune and decide what kind of device management state you want. Intune Autopilot and HAADJ is a clunky configuration to say the least and should be avoided at all cost.
What I am saying is we do not have Configuration Manager onsite. The devices are already synced with Azure AD Connector and appear in Azure AD as Hybrid Joined. If we want the devices in Intune do we need to have Configuration Manager installed onsite as well or is there another way around this so the devices can be enrolled in Intune.

Yes you are correct we still need to support onsite legacy business applications that required AD DS authentication.
If you don’t have Configuration Manager already implemented, then you don’t need it. Your devices can be automatically enrolled in Intune when you HAADJ them. The only consideration you may need is on how you are going to provision them. If you are planning to use Autopilot then take a look at the requirements. While HAADJ is supported, Microsoft themselves don’t recommend it. For everything else, Intune should suffice.