Discovererd Apps on Android Fully Managed devices

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So enrolling Android devices as fully managed devices is the preferred way for company-owned per-user devices. But they do not display discovered apps - why is this so? Is this planned to be added in the future? Or is it a technical limitation?





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Hi xibixalexander,

It’s not supported on Android Enterprise model, only with Android Device Administrator Model Enrollment. Change the Enrollment type and wait for week and all apps should populate in Discovered apps.

Android has changed the way of managing the discovered apps with Android Enterprise not Microsoft or Intune.

Hope this helps!
Thanks for your response!

So a few questions:
1. Can I change the enrollment type after I have enrolled the devices?
2. How can it be that this is the MS recommended enrollment type, when it is known that apps cannot be detected? Is this something that MS is working on?

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You have to un-enroll it from Android Enterprise-> Create Enrollment Restriction-> Block Work Enterprise (Enrollment goes to this model by default)-> Then enroll it with Device Administrator Model.

As mentioned before, this is not on Microsoft, it’s something to do with Android Enterprise Enrollment.




Thanks again for your message.


I will then for now deal differently with that, since I also got the message that Admin Profiles will be retired soon and that we all should move to Android Enterprise. ( as well as MC215358, Plan For Change, Published date: Jun 5, 2020 by MS); so it does not really make sense to un-enroll all devices, just to enroll them in an already deprecated profile...






Totally agree. Staying on Android Enterprise is the best call.