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Mar 20 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Disable restricted mode on youtube via intune

Steel Contributor

Hi all,



I am getting all users recently complain about youtube being on restricted mode which cant be turned on locally as it turns back on. How do I disable this via intune? 


Users are not even signed in 





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@AB21805  You didn't create a Configuration Profile containing this?




@Harm_Veenstra We are also having this issue.  We have no configuration profiles to turn on restricted mode. Our Intune machines cannot access important content that we use for training.
After reading your post, I set up a profile to force it to not enforce, however it is still on. 

Can anyone provide assistance??

Is there a ForceYouTubeRestrict key in your Current_User registry?
Hi! Thanks for the reply.
There was nothing on the user side. But a bunch of references on the machine side. Most of those were because of my attempts to turn it off. I added a config to force disable restricted in Intune. It did not work.
And enforcing the profile as mentioned above doesn't do anything?
No. Cannot figure out where it is coming from.