Devices Not Receiving Configuration Profiles in Intune

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I have had a lot of success with Intune and has been such a help for our organization. However, on some devices the configuration profiles will never get deployed, even after being azure ad joined and recognized in Intune. Even when we have them log in to the company portal and sync their devices manually, it still doesn't get deployed. We also can't see the app inventory or really any other information access the hardware info. The devices all have the latest updates.

The ones with trouble are not brand-new devices, they were ones we already had provisioned and decided to add to Intune later. Because we would get an error message about the device already being enrolled in the organization, I decided to remove the device from Intune and then have them login through the access work or school page.

Any help is appreciated. Thank You,

Max Mulvihill

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Are the devices in question checking into Intune regularly?
Yeah they check in everyday
That is good because now we can move on to enforcement of policies. What is the compliance status of the policies on these devices in Intune? Also, anything in the device management event logs on the device in relation to policies?
For the afflicted devices, there is no status. All it says is no data, which shouldn't be happening because I have the profiles and policies configured for our whole organization. Right now I don't have access to the devices so I haven't been able to look at the logs.
I will suggest to collect the diagnostic logs and start from there. This is not a normal behaviour and your issue appears to be configuration related.