Devices enrolled to Intune without me doing anything

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Hi all, 


Im slightly confused, I have devices I can see in Intune/AAD portal, I don't know how these are enrolled? Im new to intune and dont even know how to enrol a device! ah. 

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You may be configured to allow users to enroll as BYOD.  If so, device ownership will be personal.

If the ownership is corporate, they are being enrolled automatically.


Under Home > Devices > Enroll Devices > Enrollment restrictions, check Device restrictions.

The following doc will help.

Set enrollment restrictions in Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs




Hi @v-mysan 


Yes! Looks like its personal! How do I add devices after setting the restrictions? 


I want to add all devices so that they are ownership corporate?


Sorry Im really new to this!


Thanks in advance 

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The ownership is determine at enrollment, but you can change it after in the device properties.  That won't provide the same functionality you get when the device enrolls as a corporate device.


There are a number of options.  If your company has a Microsoft FastTrack benefit, that team can assist.  The following links will also help.


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