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Device that takes the place of another device on Intune after cloning

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I'm having a problem with device enrollment on Intune.


To register devices on Intune, I used the Windows Configuration Designer software which allows you to create "provisioning packages" to be carried out on the workstations in order to make them take certain parameters. We made a package that we tested on a PC, the package works very well, the post goes back to Intune, takes group and Wi-Fi policies.


The problem is that once assured Intune enrollment was done on the first device. Rather than redo everything again, as for the rest of the time, we make configured workstation images that we send to other workstations, using FOG which allows us to do the deployment (pxe).


The finished image on the second pc, I counted again process the PPKG to enroll the device on Intune, or I get an error. And on Intune, I see that my EG01 workstation (base image) has been replaced by the new one! (EG02).


How can I solve this problem?



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You did what? cloning an existing AAD/Intune enrolled device is not the way :) ...
As mentioned here... the device id doesn't change!~
"Please beware sysprepping the device, will NOT change the deviceid. If you clone an Azure ad joined device, the clone will have a new name but still has the same DeviceID and the same MDM Intune certificate!"

So hopefully I misread the question a bit :)

Yes, i see, i will try next time to import in AAD after cloning :) @Rudy_Ooms_MVP