Device Model wise Restrictions in the Hybrid Intune

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Hi Guys,


I need help.


Environment : 

Intune associated with Configuration Manager 2012 1702, We manage Android, WP 8.1, WM10 and iOS devices with Intune. We have Exchange Online subscriptions.(Office 365 Enterprise E3 without Pro Plus).


Problem : We have allowed all users to enroll the devices with Intune and access email and other Apps however we have not declared all the devices as Authorized. We publish a list of Authorized device model Numbers. We do not want our employees to enroll Any Andoird device. We are using Conditional access but it does not have option to disable unAuthorized device model numbers.

Thus, We have created a collection in Configuration Manager for unauthorized devices. We have to manaully delete such users after certain persiod of time.


Do we have any option which will Automate the above mentioned process? Can we set the condition for users/Devices which will enable only certain set of Device Model numbers for enrollment?


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This feature is not in the Current Branch of Configuration Manager (1702) yet, but it is in the latest Technical Preview of CM if you like to test it out. It will more than likely be available in the next CB release. It is already available for those who only use the Intune portals.