Device Limit Restrictions & Auto Pilot

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I am curious how device limits work for autopilot.


What happens when a user who is over their device limit tries to sign in to an autopilot enabled new computer? Will they receive a sign in error message to contact helpdesk, or will the computer sign them in anyways, failing to add device policies and install apps.


I have had this problem in the past where enrollment for a group wasn't setup properly and they were allowed to sign in but didn't get any company restrictions and I didn't actually get Intune control over the computer, so I am very nervous about how these device limits work.

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If you are referring to the max amount of devices you may enrol (limiting device enrollments)


Device limit restrictions don't apply for the following Windows enrollment types:

  • Co-managed enrollments
  • GPO enrollments
  • Azure Active Directory joined enrollments
  • Bulk Azure Active Directory joined enrollments
  • Autopilot enrollments
  • Device Enrollment Manager enrollments


Set enrollment restrictions in Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs