Device is not connected to MDM app

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I'm having issues that my device will not get enrolled to intune.


After detailed research from your instructions I can confirm that whole setup in Intunes and Azure are ok, and I've all necessary licences, I've checked that via Intune diagnostics.


I'm sending you few images from last connected devices.

As you see on pictures attached, I don't have INFO button on, where I can confirm is enrollment done properly


Just for notification I have Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise. 

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Hello @Tarik_Kuko 


Bit of stab in the dark but try Disconnecting that Work account that you have under Settings and from Microsoft Store download Company Portal - that way you should be able to manually enroll into Intune as Azure AD registered device. Of course this is not something that should be done in scale but for testing it might work.

Tnx for advice, I'll try that.
This process that I'm trying to do is for bigger amount of users, so as you said if installation of Company Portal is solution, that would take more time than planned.