Device is marked non-compliant after implementing a password policy

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I just created a windows 10 compliance policy with a password requirement and it is marking my device as non compliance even though the password is within the parameters. The exact policy causing the compliance issue is "password complexity". I currently have it set to alphanumeric with Upper/lowercase, numbers, and special character. I have made sure my password fits the parameters (password set for microsoft account which is used to log in). I also am using biometrics and pin. Does the policy require me to disable pin and biometrics and require password only? 

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Can you share a screenshot of the setting?



Getting a screenshot of the settings would surely help some...
But you are mentioning the password complexity compliance policy and you are talking about an azure ad join device / HAADJ?

Local Accounts/ Microsoft Account only --> AAD, AD not supported





Sorry I updated with pics.
Sorry I updated with pics. all devices are using microsoft 365 accounts.



Hi , you could compare this with your own compliance policy .

So Microsoft accounts --> Digits, and digits and lowercase letters are required?