Device Enrollment Manager with MAC OS

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Hi all,


I've just started to test enrolling a MAC OS device using a device enrollment manager. Everything works as expected when following the process

- Create device enrollment manager account

- On device download and install the company portal on MAC

- enroll the device from the company portal app using the DEM account

- create intune profiles and dynamic group membership for MAC devices and assign and deploy to MAC


One thing I'm not sure about is how to deploy apps to the device. From what I've read these are made available to the user on the device through the company portal app. I also know that they can be deployed using the LOB app deployment process. If the device has been enrolled through the DEM account though, the user does not have access to the company portal with this account. In fact, when you log into the company portal using a different account on the device it seems to want to enrol again?


Anyone got any advice on the above. It may be this is by design and when you use a DEM account then you can no longer use the company portal as a user?




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The only thing I found that works (as I am in the same boat is you) is you can click the postpone link in the company portal app instead of begin download. This will show the apps availible. Also you can remove the management profile in system preferences and that will allow them to re enroll the mac. I think that will change the primary user, but I am in the middle of testing that now.

Hi @HandA


Part of you question was discussed in the forum before, which was re-enrolling the MAC device in Company Portal. 

Company portal checks to see if the logged on user has UDA (User Device Affinity) with the device. If they don’t, it’ll try to enroll again which what you’re seeing.
Best way is to use ABM (DEP called previously) and use User Affinity enrollment profile and sign with user at the Out of Box Enrollment. It’s very similar process to AutoPilot in Windows. This way the user will be able to open Company Portal without prompting to re-enroll again. The link below should have links that can guide you for the enrollment process. 

I agree with you about LOB to install apps in macos or DMG app. 

Hope this helps!